Monday, 1 April 2013

Nerf Loadouts #1: Support (Sniping and Machine gunning)

H&K support loadouts

Supportive positions are positions that cover the main squad and weaken the opponents. (Snipers and machinegunners) I have got inspiration to make loadout posts from CPL nerf: (

Clip system

Elite soldier
This loadout allows you to snipe/spray using the new elite boasters.
Main: Retaliator/Longshot (I prefer using the iron sights on the included barrel. Stampede bipod grip would be a good Idea. The stock is also a good idea)
Sidearm:Nerf Stryfe/Stockade/Barricade
Advantages: Loose position that is good for anything. Range
Disadvantages: Limited Dart compatibly, really bulky. Reloading takes forever (stockade/barricade)

Heavy to the max
Just spray. You have a lot of ammo!
Main: Hailfire
Side: Recon/Retaliator (Pistol mode)
Advantages: High Range, sidearm and main use clips (shared ammo pool) High ROF, Ammo would last for a long time.
Disadvantages: Low accuracy, only use clip system darts, Vulnerable when reloading, Hailfire can only use flat clips (no 36 dart drums), Semi auto only, Roombas are not exactly intimidating

LMG guy
Need more intimidation?
Main:Stampede (bipod, shield, a few 36 dart drums
Side: Any traditional revolver (Maverick)
Advantages: High ROF, full auto, uses all darts, uses clips, high capacity, Intimidating
Disadvantages: Bulky, short range.

Belt Fed

Machinegun preacher
You know you are f&.?ed when you see this.
Side:traditional revolver
Advantages:F@?$ing intimidating, high ROF, accepts most ammo types
Disadvantages: long reload time, bad ranges , accuracy=retarded, bulky

Full Rambo
Cuz 1 Vulcan isn't enough
Main: Two vulcans
Advantages: Very scary, Really High ROF, Massive capacity, most ammo types are accepted
Disadvantages:Bad Accuracy, Bad ranges, Reloading will take generations, Really bulky.


The Range master:
Still, cheaper than a elite
Main: Buzz bee Orion/Range master
Side: Normal Revolver 
Advantages: Range, accuracy, cheap as hekk
Disadvantages: Low ROF. Single shot

Just having big bones
The Titan's ranges are really high
Main: Titan
Side: Revolver
Advantages: Intimidating, Ranged
Disadvantages: Low ROF, Requires pump, rockets are hard to find

Nerf Retaliator Review/Tatics

Nerf Retaliator Review!

My Nerf Retaliator in all of it's glory.

The Nerf Retaliator is Hasbro's attempt to make something that looks more like a real assault rifle (Long clip, assault handle and even a badass iron sight!). That is heading in the right direction due to the fact that the Nerf retaliator is shooting at more that 30 ft (More than the lengh of my garden!) and it would easily qualify a designated marksman's rifle (as I am complying to nerfhaven's #1 rule, there are no snipers in nerf!) for nerf wars. It is a elite version of the recon even doesn't have the same feel to an good old Nerf Recon Too bad it doesn't come with a scope. On to the features!
  • Slide Priming (Remind me with bolt action mods later!)
  • 12 dart Magazine, a balance in between a under-achieving 6 dart magazine that is only good for that "Awesome sniper" feel and a 18 dart magazine which is too large, especially when in pistol mode or when prone.)
  • Sturdier Stock compared to the Recon. Now you can go on your sniping misadventures without breaking your 60th replacement recon stock!
  • Assault grip, now you can break into a room FBI style!
  • 12 elite darts to fit your badass 12 dart magazine the correct way (not using those low quality normal clip system darts)
  • Backwards compatibility of all components! Now you can use those retarded clip system darts in your retaliator if you run out of elite ammo and you can use elite ammo & mags with older blasters so you can give it a last "kick" with more power before you trade it out into nerfhaven or somewhere else if you want to.
Range: 10/10: Hitting 60 feet parallel to ground (PTG) and 75 ft angled (ATG).
Rate Of Fire: 6/10 Pistol slide is not exactly really great for rate of fire. Attaching a PVC pipe, wood piece  etc. to make a bolt would be nice.
Reliability: 9/10 This gun almost never jams. Human error may cause some jams (inserting dart backwards)
Accuracy: 10/10 Hit a target the size of a 6 dart clip within 1-2 shots at 15 ft.
Capacity: 10/10 Accepts 35 dart drums. If you want to know the stock capacity: it is 12 darts. Slightly more than the stockade's 10. (2 darts)
Overall: 9/10 A good choice to get. Great for beginners.

Sunday, 30 December 2012

Nerf N-Strike Elite Stockade Review/Tatics

Nerf N-Strike Elite Stockade Review/Tactics

Nice to be back after a long Christmas break and I have brought the Nerf N-Strike Elite Stockade. It is just like a barricade with better motors. (Pictured above, jam door open.)

  • Jam Door
  • Stock attachment (holds ten darts)
  • Tactical Rail
  • Ten dart revolving cylinder
  • Semi-auto
  • Trigger
Now for the Statistics.

Range-8/10: Even not comparable to a +bow or a longshot (no longer sold D-: ) it is beating recon ranges and is comparable to a modded nite finder. When firing with intervals less than 1/2 seconds, the ranges would decrease to 30 ft.
Rate of fire-9/10: Just depends how fast you can pull the trigger! When Done right, you could achieve modded stampede. It is best to leave a 1/2-1 second interval in between shots for maximum range
Reliability-7/10: This Gun Accepts Elite Darts, Streamlines and Whistlers (Both Types) In change of accepting elites and streamlines really well, You can not use suction darts and taggers. Reloading is awkward  because you would have to open the jam door and pull the trigger to twist the barrel without the fear of breaking your nerf stockade
Accuracy-7/10: Should Be able to hit targets fairly  easily from 15 feet away but due to the short barrel, you will have a little trouble trying to shoot form 25 feet away using older darts (whistlers and streamlines) but it will not be a problem with the newer elite darts (Also depends on charging of motors. See The Ranges Section for charging.).
Capacity: 9/10 Counting the stock's capacity (10 Darts) this gun would be good to go with 20 darts in total.
Overall: A nice replacement for your barricade with a couple of extra cool features and upgrades. I would prefer this over a barricade on every day of a week that ends with a "y".
Video Review and unboxing is below:

Usage and tatics:

  • If you have any 14500 size 3.6v batteries, you can put two of them into your stockade with a dummy battery and you basically have your gun modded.
  • Do Not try to shoot taggers or suctions.
  • Dual Wielding this gun would be a good idea so when one gun is charging, the other is shooting so you can increase the ROF and the distance at the same time.
  • Although this has the stats of a primary weapon, get something more expensive (Rampage, Longshot, Vulcan) as a primary... Well, unless you don't have the money (you can still ask someone else!)
  • Do Not Sneak with this because the motors are pretty noisy unless if you are causing a distraction with this only.
  • The Iron Sight is quick to use and is very accurate for a maximum of 40 feet. However, Do not snipe due to the fact the barrel is very short.

Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Just an update

Sorry for leaving for so long... I have been catching up on homework (due to the fact I'm only 12.) I will be getting either the retaliator or the stockade when I get to go to toys r us. I might be reviewing the alpha trooper within 1 week. See you soon and Merry X-Mas!

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Nerf elite in HK

Hey guys, this is what I found:

This is what I found when I was searching for releases of nerf elite in hong kong.

Sunday, 22 July 2012

Summer camp

I have been very sorry to say this, but I don't think I would have much time to post updates since I have a summer camp, so I would only be able to post on weekends. Sorry.

Friday, 20 July 2012

Fury fire review and usage guide

Furyfire review & usage guide


Hi, I am reviewing the Furyfire, a pump action dart tag gun with 11 bullet capacity  (counting the one in the handle) and it would be one of the best guns here due to it's similarity to the maverick but more darts.
Someone else's Furyfire.

Range: 7/10. When aimed flat (aka.accuracy range) it is around 15 feet which is pretty upsetting, but when I aimed it at an angle, it flew near the 25 feet mark which isn't bad.
Rate of fire: 9/10. For a spring blaster, couldn't be better. The shotgun pump grip provides quick cocking and when done right, It can achieve the ROF of a vulcan (well, almost).
Reliability: 8/10. Being a revolver, it jams less. The only time it could jam is when a dart doesn't come out properly, making the gun jam.
Accuracy: 8/10. Since this gun has a long barrel, The bullet has more accuracy than a maverick. You should be able to hit a target as small as a fork from 15 feet.
Dart storage. 7/10. Having 10 darts in your gun makes you the king of the hill back in 2006. Now, you are screwed unless if you have some ammo near you.
Overall: 7.8/10 with the all round of a maverick but more ammo and iron sights still in use while cocking, This was a smart choice for the ex-official dart tag league gun and is a personal favorite of many nerfers.

Usage guide

  • While the pump is pulled back pull the trigger and keep pulling until you release the pump-grip and the bullet fires out. Repeat quickly for a rate of fire similar to the one's of a stampede.
  • Use the ammo space provided in the handle. Once you have around 4 darts left, take cover and use the dart in the handle. Also, when your main dart storage is full, use the mentioned compartment.
  • Use the iron sights and angle if necessary. It has deadly accuracy for the first 15 feet. If you need accuracy and a quick shot for 15-20 feet (any closer will not need to use the sights) only use the front sight and align it with the target. You should be able to hit a human sized target.