Monday, 1 April 2013

Nerf Loadouts #1: Support (Sniping and Machine gunning)

H&K support loadouts

Supportive positions are positions that cover the main squad and weaken the opponents. (Snipers and machinegunners) I have got inspiration to make loadout posts from CPL nerf: (

Clip system

Elite soldier
This loadout allows you to snipe/spray using the new elite boasters.
Main: Retaliator/Longshot (I prefer using the iron sights on the included barrel. Stampede bipod grip would be a good Idea. The stock is also a good idea)
Sidearm:Nerf Stryfe/Stockade/Barricade
Advantages: Loose position that is good for anything. Range
Disadvantages: Limited Dart compatibly, really bulky. Reloading takes forever (stockade/barricade)

Heavy to the max
Just spray. You have a lot of ammo!
Main: Hailfire
Side: Recon/Retaliator (Pistol mode)
Advantages: High Range, sidearm and main use clips (shared ammo pool) High ROF, Ammo would last for a long time.
Disadvantages: Low accuracy, only use clip system darts, Vulnerable when reloading, Hailfire can only use flat clips (no 36 dart drums), Semi auto only, Roombas are not exactly intimidating

LMG guy
Need more intimidation?
Main:Stampede (bipod, shield, a few 36 dart drums
Side: Any traditional revolver (Maverick)
Advantages: High ROF, full auto, uses all darts, uses clips, high capacity, Intimidating
Disadvantages: Bulky, short range.

Belt Fed

Machinegun preacher
You know you are f&.?ed when you see this.
Side:traditional revolver
Advantages:F@?$ing intimidating, high ROF, accepts most ammo types
Disadvantages: long reload time, bad ranges , accuracy=retarded, bulky

Full Rambo
Cuz 1 Vulcan isn't enough
Main: Two vulcans
Advantages: Very scary, Really High ROF, Massive capacity, most ammo types are accepted
Disadvantages:Bad Accuracy, Bad ranges, Reloading will take generations, Really bulky.


The Range master:
Still, cheaper than a elite
Main: Buzz bee Orion/Range master
Side: Normal Revolver 
Advantages: Range, accuracy, cheap as hekk
Disadvantages: Low ROF. Single shot

Just having big bones
The Titan's ranges are really high
Main: Titan
Side: Revolver
Advantages: Intimidating, Ranged
Disadvantages: Low ROF, Requires pump, rockets are hard to find

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