Friday, 20 July 2012

Fury fire review and usage guide

Furyfire review & usage guide


Hi, I am reviewing the Furyfire, a pump action dart tag gun with 11 bullet capacity  (counting the one in the handle) and it would be one of the best guns here due to it's similarity to the maverick but more darts.
Someone else's Furyfire.

Range: 7/10. When aimed flat (aka.accuracy range) it is around 15 feet which is pretty upsetting, but when I aimed it at an angle, it flew near the 25 feet mark which isn't bad.
Rate of fire: 9/10. For a spring blaster, couldn't be better. The shotgun pump grip provides quick cocking and when done right, It can achieve the ROF of a vulcan (well, almost).
Reliability: 8/10. Being a revolver, it jams less. The only time it could jam is when a dart doesn't come out properly, making the gun jam.
Accuracy: 8/10. Since this gun has a long barrel, The bullet has more accuracy than a maverick. You should be able to hit a target as small as a fork from 15 feet.
Dart storage. 7/10. Having 10 darts in your gun makes you the king of the hill back in 2006. Now, you are screwed unless if you have some ammo near you.
Overall: 7.8/10 with the all round of a maverick but more ammo and iron sights still in use while cocking, This was a smart choice for the ex-official dart tag league gun and is a personal favorite of many nerfers.

Usage guide

  • While the pump is pulled back pull the trigger and keep pulling until you release the pump-grip and the bullet fires out. Repeat quickly for a rate of fire similar to the one's of a stampede.
  • Use the ammo space provided in the handle. Once you have around 4 darts left, take cover and use the dart in the handle. Also, when your main dart storage is full, use the mentioned compartment.
  • Use the iron sights and angle if necessary. It has deadly accuracy for the first 15 feet. If you need accuracy and a quick shot for 15-20 feet (any closer will not need to use the sights) only use the front sight and align it with the target. You should be able to hit a human sized target.

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